Fall 2015

The Corvette Brand

The goal of this project was to design a travel mug that fully embodies the visual brand language of the new Corvette C7 while evoking the essence of the historic Corvette brand.

The proportions and form of the travel mug are taken from the dramatic creases and sweeping lines of the Corvette. The chrome thumb switch is a material nod to the traditional use of chrome accents throughout past and present Corvette models. A valve only opens in the mouthpiece when the switch is depressed, allowing the travel mug to keep liquids contained even in the cup holder of the Corvette itself.

Corvette papers2.jpg

Visual Brand Language Analysis

Design Process

After analyzing the form language and details of the Corvette brand, I began to sketch. The goal was to redesign my randomly assigned product to incorporate the visual brand language of Corvette. After initial sketches, I created a series of foam models to further explore Corvette form in three dimensions.