final inside.jpg

OLD Radio


Spring 2017

An experimental radio concept.

The user turns on the radio by pulling up on the top of the radio and exposing the speaker grill. When more of the speaker grill is exposed, the volume gets louder. Tuning is controlled by rotating the top of the radio. To lower the volume, the user simply presses down on the radio to conceal more of the speaker grill, and turns off the radio by collapsing it completely.

All controls are managed by analog circuitry. The volume is controlled by a linear potentiometer, and the tuning is controlled by a rotational potentiometer. A momentary lever switch is activated when the radio is closed, to power off the device.



The entire radio was modeled in Solidworks, including the internal mechanisms. The body was 3D printed, while the internals were laser cut from acrylic.

On the left is an interactive, cutaway view of the CAD model.